Self Employed Conservatory Sales Consultant

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£40,000 - £60,000 OTE (top earners making significantly more) Retainer paid for your first 7 weeks EARN WHILE YOU LEARN! Great career path with lots of progression opportunities

Conservatory Sales Consultant

  • £40,000 - £60,000 OTE (top earners making significantly more)
  • Retainer paid for your first 4 weeks EARN WHILE YOU LEARN!
  • Great career path with lots of progression opportunities

This is an amazing opportunity to earn an average of £40,000–£60,000 per year as a Conservatory Sales Consultant for Everest. 
All your sales leads will be pre-confirmed, so you’ll start earning great commission in no time at all! 
They believe in rewarding hard work – your bonuses for meeting targets...

What you’ll be doing
With our comprehensive training programme, you’ll become an expert in all things ‘Everest’. You’ll quickly feel confident in educating their customers on the benefits of their products, helping them to make informed choices when buying with Everest.
You’ll schedule and attend product design appointments at customers’ homes. Using a creative, consultative approach and their bespoke design software, you’ll help them realise their own vision.
Everest invest a huge amount into their marketing, spending £20million on advertising every year. This generates an average of 2,500–3,000 weekly enquiries for our sales consultants to follow up on, so you’ll always have business headed your way!

Who we’re looking for
You’ll be confident communicating with a broad range of people, but also know how to listen. 
You’re committed to finding innovative solutions to achieve the best possible outcome for our customers, because you genuinely care about people and giving them a positive experience.
You’ll bring optimism, enthusiasm and energy into everything you do. You’re able to quickly build a rapport and put people at ease – ultimately, people do business with people they feel comfortable with. You take the rough with the smooth, and handle rejection graciously – always ready with a smile whatever the outcome!
You’re organised and professional. And because you’ll be out in the field, you’ll need to have a car and UK driving licence too.

The Benefits with Everest
The earning potential is impressive – you’ll pull in between £40,000–£60,000 per year (OTE). 
The top Sales Consultant earns £150,000, and you could too! 
There’s also fantastic rewards for meeting your targets: a Premier League experience; Orient Express trip; holidays to Croatia and Antigua…the list goes on!
Their excellent training programme will ensure you succeed in your career with Everest. And because they're a national network, there’s always the potential for progression right across the UK.


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